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This account is no longer active. I am retiring from art (Which is debatable because my stuff is so sloppy and has no originality at all so I'm not even sure it's even considered art) because I no longer wish to even try anymore. I will no longer read any comments, notes, or anything. It will not be entirely de-activated due to archive purposes. If anyone actually reads this, sorry that you somehow stumbled across this page. Move along.
HTF Handy B by GoneOverDone
HTF Handy B
I am also ashamed for this one. I was too lazy to do anything more than scan it. Copyright-MondoMedia
HTF Handy by GoneOverDone
HTF Handy
I am so ashamed...XD Pencil on paper, scanned, cut most of paper grain out (Black spots on grass and in bubble are where paper grain wasn't cut out) and half a$$ coloured in GIMP. I rushed through it really quickly because who wants to spend longer than they need to on Happy Tree Friends? I only made it for my sister, I'm not too fond of the show. Copyright-MondoMedia


United States
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Yep, got that song stuck in my head. A lot of my friends just became shadow people themselves, keeping in contact with me JUST enough to know that they are O.K. Even at that, I wonder how they are doing... I miss my friends. A lot. Then again, I worry too much. As for me, art wise I have been sitting under a rock. I've been very active musically (GOD DAMNED PILE OF SHIT PORTASTUDIO CORRUPTED ALL OF MY WORK!!!! PILE OF S**T!!! Tascam makes great stuff, but their first attempt at digital multitracking(DP-01) sucks. If you ever want a Tascam multi-track, NEVER get the blue ones! Get the newer ones if you can, and the cassette ones if you're looking for cheap old models!) But I plan on making some new stuff (Hopefully not Daria based, I wanna find something new) soon. Heck, maybe I'll even make original things! Anyways, I'm taking too long. Time to get back to whatever you were doing. Bye.
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  • Watching: Shawshank Redemption (Fixed the VCR!)
  • Playing: Flatout 2 (PS2)
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